IA Modules, a Quickbooks Shopping Cart

IA Modules runs on a cutting edge e-commerce platform which is fully integrated with Quickbooks accounting software. Its a highly scalable, search engine optimized Quickbooks shopping cart, which brings bi-directional synching between your e-commerce site and Quickbooks. Items are added to your Quickbooks inventory and then automatically synched to your web store. Customers and orders are created in your web store and are auto synched back to Quickbooks. Simply create invoices from the auto generated sales orders and print packing slips. Save time and money with real time inventory integration.

Quickbooks Link Specs:
  • Bi-Directional flow between Quickbooks and webstore
  • 15 minute automatic background synchronization, NO CLICKING REQUIRED!
  • Real-time inventory ability
  • Customers from webstore automatically get added to Quickbooks
  • Orders from webstore automatically get added to Quickbooks
  • Your Quickbooks Items/Products will synch directly to your webstore
General Features:
  • Export Items from your Webstore to Google Shopping
  • Item management wizards
  • Image wizards
  • Unlimited Categories and depth of subcategories
  • Cross-sell capabilities
  • Features specifically for wholesalers and distributors to hide prices and control new customer sign ups
  • Coupons
  • Multi-level price management
  • And much more…

Shopify, Magento and WordPress Shopping Carts

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