Engineering the perfect website.

A well engineered website is more than just its visual component. Your site should be built on a solid foundation of code from the start. A foundation which gives you flexibility moving forward and poised for growth. A foundation which is built from the start with search engine optimization and accessibility in mind. Having been in the business for over 8 years and worked with all sorts of companies large and small, I can help you implement best practices and avoid common pitfalls that will save you time and money further down the road.

Designing for success.

I focus on creative web design and development with an eye towards creating a personable and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. There are many factors to consider when building a well thought out site, but at the end of the day we all want something that not only functions as intended, but looks and feels good as well. Subtle differences in design and layout can have a huge impact on how the user experiences your site. Thoughtful planning and consideration can turn a good design into a great design and represent your brand in the best light possible.

Adaptive responsive web.

With the rapid increase in tablets, smart phones and media devices of all sizes, enhancing your site for varying viewports has become imperative. This requires a new way of thinking about your content and the way it is presented. Mobile design is rapidly changing and evolving. Planning around mobile viewing from the start will make your site readily and easily accessible by everyone.

Putting together the package.

Creative solutions to unique problems; I’m there start to finish and will make sure you get the information you need to make informed decisions about your project each step of the way.